A Visit to the Headquarters of Bally Slot Machines in Las Vegas, Nevada

Hi and welcome to our instructional video that is designed to make you are smarter gambler. My name is Steve Bourie and on the author of the American casino guide, number one bestselling book in the US on the subject of casino gambling and travel and the only book that comes with over one thousand dollars in casino coupons. And this video American casino guide, author, Steve Boori, travels to the corporate headquarters, a Bally Technologies in Las Vegas to interview Mike Trask, the company’s senior corporate communications manager, while there they take a tour of the company’s factory brawl that slot machines are made factor is also Home to shuffle master, which makes automatic, shuffling machines and digital table games. Okay, my car here at your corporate headquarters and the right at the entrance here you have a display at all.

Are these all other machines? Oh, this is far from all of our machine Steve. We make hundreds games over the course of the year, but where you’re standing is where we show off our the bulk of our new games to our customers are various other people who come in to check them out. So all the latest and greatest are in this room. I it’s kinda for a preview over the next few months, I’ll once they’re here next top as the casino floor again, are you changing these out all the time its new ones come out news, but once amp show it never ends are you know?

Is slot games change every you know six months to a year, there’s going to be new titles, so we’re making. You know hundreds of titles over the course of the year. All the big ones come through here at one point in the you know, all of our big hits have come through here. You’Ve seen all different kinds: a quick eight games.

Both far michael Jackson, titles have been prominently displayed in this area on our on two fronts: duck dynasty, the blob all kinds of fun stuff we have coming out in the next few months, and now, when you manufacture the issue you to do in this building, is You do it elsewhere, a where we manufacture these machines is about a 200-yard walk from here. So it’s very neat thing are all within this facility you’re, seeing people who actually designed the games make all the graphics make all the math behind the games. You actually have people who put those games together, play some they come here.

Then we have people who solemn so soup to Knotts are just about everything we do to create games for the US market is within this building and that’s not to say our were not international. Here. Two games are shipped out here all over the world, and I can we go over now and take a look at the manufacturing facility.

Is that okay? Well? Are you gon na keep it secret Steve I’ll just between do any. I, let’s take a walk and Mike before we were over in the executive offices, and now we are in the manufacturing area.

This is a separate building. How many buildings are in the facility here here at this location in Las Vegas, we have five buildings. We also have a couple other spread around around the city are in total, there’s dozens throughout the world about. But this is your main corporate headquarters, correct, correct rate here: Las Vegas corner, brilliant sunset: that is our corporate headquarters.

Now. This is where all the some machines are made. Are you have other manufacturing facilities around the world?

Correct where you’re standing right now is is where slot machines are bored. So games come from here they go all over the world. Are our folks may come we ship a mountain in your viewers claim at the casinos all right, sir, so this manufacturing facility right now behind us state? These are work areas where the to normally. This is a what and an eight hour shift, but workers come in here, but the machine together correct eight hours a day. People are in here bill game, so we have the capacity due to do 150 to 200 games.

Day are no that’s just the the full cabinet. So if you do the math, that’s what 25,000 brand new slot cabinets coming are this facility annually right now there was a a merger added you guys to cover shuffle master. So so now those shuffle master like the a shut shuffling machines on blackjack tables in all that is made here ya.

So about 18 months ago, Bali purchase shuffle master’s. A lot of people in the industry know in in so we’ve %. Uh consolidated worked well, shuffle master was always based here in Las Vegas are have a beautiful office about three miles from where we’re standing I’ll be a lot of their their products are manufactured. Here you can see behind you, there’s an automatic roulette wheel.

All over in the corner. You’Ll see shufflers been made, so both Bally slot products as well as so almost a shuffle master products will come through this room. I will thanks very much like RIT. Don’T forget that you can see more of our educational gaming. Videos on our YouTube channel was go to YouTube dot com, slash American casino guide;