Gambling Tips for Responsible Gamblers

In the list below, you’ll find some helpful tips for gambling in general. Regardless of your experience level or bankroll, these tips are useful for all players and certainly can help ensure a more enjoyable gambling experience. Take them for what they’re worth and remember that following these basic guidelines can prevent a lot of hardship later down the line.

Keep a Budget:

Place a limit on the amount of money you’re willing to lose. More importantly, make sure this is an amount you can AFFORD to lose. Leave the ATM cards at home and as tempting as it may be to pour a little more money in when you’re down, try and realize that if you remain disciplined and stop at the limit you’ve set for yourself, you’ll avoid the anguish of losing more than you can afford and all of the problems associated with it.

Know the Rules:

Before playing ANY game, make sure you understand all of the rules and terminology. With so many online casinos offering the opportunity to play for FREE before wagering any money, there’s really no excuse for wagering (and losing) money on a game you don’t fully understand beforehand.

Pace yourself:

It’s never fun to run out of money after only 15-30 min of playing. Remember, the casino experience is meant to be fun so it’s important to try and make smart bets which always leave you with something to gamble with later.

Don’t ‘Chase’ Losses:

Although the temptation can be great, try to avoid making larger bets to recuperate previous losses. This only exacerbates the problem. Instead, accept the loss, move to another game or table, take a break, or just walk away.

Don’t be Distracted:

Stay focused on the game you’re playing. This prevents losing money as a result of careless mistakes.

Be Wary of Alcohol:

Drinking can not only impair your judgment, but also inflate your self-confidence causing you to make bets larger than appropriate or over the limit(s) you’ve set for yourself. If you’re going to drink, keep it in moderation, or just avoid it altogether.


If you’re angry or depressed, avoid gambling during these moments. Remember, good gambling requires focus and if you let emotions interfere with you judgment, you stand to make bets that you otherwise wouldn’t make and thus, lose money you hadn’t planned on losing.

Take Breaks:

Try to take breaks as frequently as possible. Not only will this prolong your experience, but it can also prevent you from getting stuck in a rut where you might be tempted to make foolish bets in the hopes of recovering previous losses. Furthermore, this will help to keep you fresh and alert – always a good thing when participating in any activity requiring concentration and thought.

Have Fun:

Perhaps the most important tip of all, it can’t be stressed enough that the purpose of gambling is enjoyment. So long as you stick to this idea, your experience should be nothing by enjoyable. It’s not fun to lose more money than you can afford nor is it fun to wager everything too quickly and be forced to quit before everyone else.