Japan Video Games

• A lot of the video games we know and love come from Japan. And sometimes that language barrier is a bit high. Here are 15 of the most hilarious mistranslated moments in video game history. 15 – Aero Fighters 2 (Neo Geo, Arcade) • Games that are translated from Japanese to English – which is to say basically every single one on this list – tend to have trouble with that whole “r” to “l” transition. • So in a game about flying, they spell it “frying” just about every time. • This is made way better by the fact that it’s often a dolphin in a flight cap delivering these lines. • Remember not to underestimate the power of dolphin. 14 – Samurai Shodown IV (Arcade, multiple home consoles) • The Samurai Shodown series is a common offender when it comes to bad English translations, but it really peaked at the fourth instalment. •

That was the won where it triumphantly flashed “VICTOLY!” at the end of every match. It seems like they could have checked that one at least once or twice. 13 – Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment (PS Vita) • Many of the most famous mistranslations in video gaming are relegated to older games, but Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment was released in 2014. • And yet it still brings us gems like, “It’s was tough since in flies around too,” and “since we did that much penetrations.” 12 – Bubble Bobble (Arcade/NES) • Bubble Bobble doesn’t even have that much of a story. You shoot things with bubbles and then pop the bubbles, while the same 12-second loop of music plays incessantly. That’s the game. • But here’s the story anyway. It’s a fantastic story where you make a journey. 11 – Download (PC Engine) • Download is an old PC Engine shoot-em-up that is obscure, but generally remembered fondly. • But nevermind whether it’s a good game or not. This is one of the greatest game over screens of all time. 10 – Ikari Warriors (NES) •

Ikari Warriors’ win screen is confusing, but somehow still inspiring. • Being called the “very prevailer that protect right and justice” has to feel good after all that hard work. • But let’s look at the weird period placement in the next sentence. • “I would express my sincere.” • “Thanks to you.” 9 – Ghostbusters (NES) • This isn’t the only game to screw up the word “Congratulations.” But it’s a total train wreck after that. • But the biggest mistake here is that Ghostbusters is not a great game, and nobody has actually ever completed it. 8 – TMNT (Arcade) • What’s really frustrating about this is that it’s SO close. • The grammar is mostly okay, but then there are little things like “Vaporized to milk shake?” • It’s really a decent effort at capturing the unique 80’s and 90’s vibe of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, despite a limited grasp of English. 7 – Castle Shikigami 2 (Arcade, home consoles, Windows) • If you just read the words in this Castle Shikigami 2, nothing will really seem all that off. • The real language barrier in this game is in the spoken dialogue.